Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Where to buy organic in the Hague (Den Haag)

If you've recently moved to the Hague, Netherlands and are desperately missing your local fresh food markets, I feel your pain. I have occasional involuntary twitchings for Whole Foods and Trader Joe's back home. When are you first arrive, you will likely be under the impression that there is only one grocery store in the whole of Netherlands: Albert Heijn. And you wouldn't be too far from the truth.

The Albert Heijn grocery chain is more or less THE supermarket institution here and generally speaking you can't walk more than a block without seeing that ubiquitous cyan blue AH sign. You know the one...

That said, I've found that there is a huge improvement to the availability of healthy and organic foods here in the Hague even from 5 years ago when we first arrived. The selection of organic goods has increased in existing stores and a number of new organic shops and markets have also been popping up.

Here are a few of my favorite spots to shop organic or "biologische" as they say here in the NLs.

- Boerenmarkt Den Haag
Every Wednesday there is an organic market in the Hague city center with a lovely selection of local organic produce, breads, cheeses, grains and meats. I love that they sell nuts and grains in bulk which is still rare in this pre-packaged era. From 9h to 18h.

Hofplaats, Den Haag

Estafette (formerly known as Gaia)
One of my main stops for organic shopping in the Statenkwartier neighborhood. Great selection of fresh fruits and veggies. Same goes for grains and dried fruits/nuts.

Aert van de Goesstraat 35-37
2582 AJ Den Haag
Tel: 070-3542827

- Eko Plaza
There are a number of Eko Plazas in the Hague all listed on their website. The biggest is probably the one in Centrum on the Grote Marktstraat which has a huge selection.

Grote Marktstraat 177
2511 BJ Den Haag 
Tel: 070 3281378
Not the cheapest health food store in town but a cute little place in the Statenkwartier. Fun to browse but easy to wrack up a big bill with very few items.

Frederik Hendriklaan 256
2582BM Den Haag
Tel: 070-3060532

This is a "high-end" speciality grocery store which reminds me the most of Whole Foods. As it's name suggests, it has a much more local market feel to it, complete with little samplers that you can nibble on throughout the store. Not everything is organic so beware, but a nice and varied selection nonetheless. Only PIN cards are accepted. There are currently two Marqt locations in Den Haag: one in Statenkwartier and the other in city center.

You can find the two shop locations here.

Albert Heijn Biologische
The Albert Heijn organic selection is perfectly respectable and seems to be increasing every day.You can find one of the million Albert Heijns closest to you right here.

All in all, I would say that there is more than enough selection to lead a healthy, organic life here in Holland…and probably for a fraction of the price of elsewhere!

Where do you all do your healthy shopping?


esma said...

Hey Elisa,
We just started to live den haag 3 months ago. We have six months old baby. We will give him homemade yogurt as a supplementary food. But we should find daily milk from the farm. Actually we found a farm in Delft but going to farm to buy it's not sustainable for a long time. Do you know any place in the city who sells products from the farm? Thanks

Unknown said...

There is an organic farmers market in the center of The Hague!

Every wednesday from 9 till 18u.

It is front of Dudok, next to Marqt and Binnenhof on the Hofplein.

Ben Richardson said...

I can recommend Madal Bal at Denneweg 126 B
2514 CL Den Haag. It has a similar product range to Eko Plaza and also some different things including its own food-ready-to-eat such as smoothies and sandwiches. There is a strong gluten-free product range.


Elena D. said...

i can recommned Boyan
check on www.healthgoods.nl
They have very nice siroops, i buy one and last me one week, they i buy few more.
Thir product is awesome, healthy and very very tasty.

Elisa Olenik said...

Thanks so much for the suggestion, Ben! I'll be sure to add it to the list. Cheers!

Elisa Olenik said...

Thanks Elena for the suggestion, I will check it out!

Elisa Olenik said...

Ah yes, I forgot about this one, will also add it to the list. Thanks!

Leana said...

We are moving to Den Haag in the next few weeks and we too are very interested in lovely fresh organic produce. Your information about where to buy great organic food will be so helpful when we arrive. Thanks!!

Elisa Olenik said...

I'm so glad that you've found the information to be useful, Leana. Best of luck with your move to The Hague, I hope you like it here, it's a lovely place! Elisa