Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The cutest Dutch baby-toddler brands

If you live in the Hague with tots, you will most likely nod in agreement when I say that there just isn't a whole lot of cute gear for the kinderen here. So when you start going into Baby Gap withdrawal, check out these 5 cool Dutch brands for your kids.

1. Le Big Leggings & Tights.
You can't live without layering in the Netherlands. Le Big has a great assortment of tights and leggings. Mine have several pairs of these classic tights. For your little guy, the leggings work well as long johns and no one has to know. Another fave are these cute socks that actually stay on. Available in lots of different colors too.

2. Shoesme Babies and Toddler shoes.
I am the first one to complain about how ugly and expensive children's shoes are in the Hague. From between 50-90 Euros, Shoesmes are by no means cheap, but they're a good fit, decent quality and normally a pretty good design. At least they're not an eye-sore like the Lelli Kellies. Available through Sterre + Tijl, and Albert Nolten Kids.

3. Bugaboo strollers
If you're new to the Netherlands, you might be wondering why there is such an abundance of this super expensive but trendy stroller in the land of the cheap. Invented by a Dutch chap, the Bugaboo is the Dutch baby industry's one claim to fame. And with good reason, after several years on the market, the Bugaboo is still one of the trendiest rides around. Available in Sterre + Tijl and Baby Park.

4. Imps & Elfs clothing line
I&E may be my all time favorite Dutch children's brand. My kids practically lived in their super-soft leggings and cute t-shirts for the first months of their lives. Available in de Bijenkorf, Cotton Candy, and Zwanger & Co.

5. Kids Case clothing line
Kids Case is another environmentally friendly Dutch children's brand. Lots of organic cotton and great every day designs. Available online through the Orange Bag online shop.

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Agata said...

Hello, thank you for the tips, I'm not really good in finding things for my boys, so this will help me, for sure. Agata